Make excellence a habit

Our offices here at PlanPlus Online are located on John Stockton Boulevard, named after a local sports hero.

In the 1997 Western Conference Finals, John Stockton made a last second three to send the Jazz to the NBA finals. Around here, when you refer to “The Shot” everyone knows you’re referring to this miracle basket.

When it comes to sports everyone loves these moments. We love the heart stopping suspense, the captivating drama, and the constant twists and turns. In business however, no one wants to rely on last minute heroics to achieve their goals. Rather than relying on end of the month sales blitzes, productive leaders find a way to consistently hit their goals without leaving anything up to chance.

In the world of basketball there are also gurus of consistency. One example of this is Fred Newman. He currently holds the world records for most free throws made in 24 hours: 20,043, most free throws made in 10 minutes: 356, and my personal favorite, most consecutive free throws made while blindfolded: 88.

Fred was able to achieve these feats through muscle memory. He didn’t need to adjust, aim, or even think. The moment the ball touched his hands his body knew what to do. Productive leaders are able to build a sort of muscle memory for themselves by establishing habits.

Habits, like muscle memory, allow you to reach your goals with consistency. They limit variation and waste. What really separates productive leaders from the crowd are their habits. As Aristotle once said: Excellence, is not an act, but a habit.