How a respected financial advisor uses PlanPlus Online to provide custom-tailored service

In the beginning was the printed planner

Martin SmithBy the time Martin A. Smith was in college, his printed daily planner played an integral part of his academic success. “I used it religiously—to a fault,” says Martin. “My whole day and life was out of that book.”

Martin was attending Georgetown University earning his Masters in Commercial Real Estate and was grateful to have a planning system that encompassed the values of his personal life and all the classes, homework, and projects he had to track while in graduate school.

Wealthcare Financial Group is created

As Martin progressed from successful Realtor to Commercial Broker, his professional interests were also developing. Eventually, Martin formed the Wealthcare Financial Group, a retirement planning and investment advisory firm which offers comprehensive financial planning for those transitioning to retirement or at retirement.

The search for a CRM

Martin Smith on TVAlthough Martin was still devoted to his paper planner, he knew that in order to grow and maintain his new business, he would need to adopt the latest technology. He needed tools to help him manage information about his new contacts and current clients, build and maintain relationships, and automate his marketing.

“I’ve been around the block with CRMs,” says Martin looking back. “I’ve used Salesforce, ACT, Maximizer, GoldMine, Zoho, Junxure, Wealthbox, Grendel, and Redtail. I had current clients in one platform, I was prospecting through another, and toggling back and forth between the two. I had to schedule appointments in yet another—so I was using three, really… three CRMs.”

Juggling his time, tasks, and clients with different CRMs became complicated and time-consuming, and Martin longed for the simplicity of his old paper planner—and that gave Martin an idea…

Martin finds PlanPlus Online

martin-news-02While Googling for solutions, Martin found PlanPlus Online—the online planner and CRM that evolved from his printed daily planner. Martin called the phone number and was immediately connected to Brandon Stromberg, a Productivity Coach and CRM Real Estate Manager.

Talking to a real person made an immediate difference to Martin, “If I call, I want to talk to somebody. I had an issue with my previous CRM in February that still isn’t fixed even after following up with them three or four times.”

Over the phone, Brandon walked Martin through a demonstration of the features of PlanPlus Online. In fact, Brandon became Martin’s single point of contact for all of his questions. “The customer service at PlanPlus Online is also the best that I have experienced in my twenty-plus years of using CRM platforms. The representatives know me by name, they understand my business and industry, and they’re proactive by suggesting “tips and tricks” that I’ve found very timely and useful in my practice.”

Martin continues, “I cannot say enough about PlanPlus Online, except to say that you should definitely subscribe to their CRM. It’s the best that I’ve ever used—and this is coming from a Wealth Manager who has used every major CRM in the industry and can attest to the fact that PlanPlus Online is the most flexible, intuitive, user-friendly, reasonably priced CRM on the market, hands down!”

About Martin

Martin A. Smith founded Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc. as a retirement planning and investment management firm. He is committed to providing each client with values-based advice and custom-tailored service. Thus, the need for prudent advice and high-quality service is also the basis for his business philosophy; “How much better it is to get wisdom than gold! And to get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver!” Proverbs 16:16

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