Oh grate! Another boring meeting? You knead to know the two pizza rule!

Spicing up your meetings isn’t complicated. Here’s an idea you “knead.”

What does having a meeting and having a pizza have in common? Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos calls it the “two pizza rule.”

And it’s simple: Bezos says that the more people you pack into the meeting, the less productive the meeting will likely be.

The solution? Never have a meeting where two pizzas couldn’t feed the entire group.

Personally, I recommend actually bringing two pizzas to each meeting. Not only will this force you to follow the rule, you will also have pizza which makes every meeting better.

Limiting meetings to smaller tight knit groups encourages input and helps those in attendance focus since they can’t just blend into the crowd and play on their phone.

When sending out your invitations to the meeting ask yourself these questions:

  • What this individual will gain from this meeting?
  • What will this individual contribute to the meeting?
  • Is there someone else in this meeting who could provide the same input?

Asking yourself these questions can help ensure that people aren’t losing valuable time to meetings that may not be critical to their role.

According to a survey of US professionals by Salary.com, meetings ranked as the number one office productivity killer.

It’s time to make meetings a productivity booster!