PlanPlus Online Vector 2.12.7 Release Notes

PlanPlus Online is proud to announce the following new features, improvements, and fixes:

  • Added support for date separated custom field type in Create pages for Contacts, Organizations, Opportunities and Leads
  • Added direct Email Center support for email addresses in lead summary and lead detail pages
  • Added threaded email support in BCC email feature
  • Added support for auto-save functionality for note popup window
Bug Fixes / Improvements
  • Fixed issue where dragging a task to the mini calendar on the home page in a different month would assign an incorrect due date
  • Fixed issue where changing lead record you’re viewing in the lead detail screen would break the primary UI
  • Improved the user experience in lead list on lead detail page by implementing a max-height and scrollbar to match the height of the primary content
  • Fixed issue where lead list in lead detail page breaks when view is sorted by certain field types
  • Fixed issue where merging duplicate leads resulted in “No records found” error
  • Fixed issue where duplicate contact check was processing on all inactive and active records
  • Fixed issue in Project Import where task start / due dates were being populated with the import date even when value is blank in imported file
  • Fixed UI issue where edit modal for a dashboard widget would not stay centered on screen
  • Fixed issue where system-generated Scheduled Report links were formatted incorrectly
  • Fixed issue where dragging an appointment down to increase duration was not functioning properly in Calendar main page
  • Fixed issue where the following characters were at times displaying incorrectly
    • à, á, â, ä, æ, ã, å, ā
    • ç, ć, č
    • è, é, ê, ë, ē, ė, ę
    • î, ï, í, ī, į, ì
    • ñ, ń
    • ô, ö, ò, ó, œ, ø, ō, õ
    • ß, ś, š
    • û, ü, ù, ú, ū
    • ÿ
    • ž, ź, ż
  • Fixed issue in Call Reports where data was not saving correctly / at all
  • Fixed issue on Calendar page were customer view events would not immediately display on 1st view
  • Fixed issue where new / edited values on object detail pages would not be saved when user was also trying to upload a file in the same layout
  • Fixed issue in Contact Process Builder where “Allow to Free Branch” profile value was not being respected
  • Fixed UI issue on project detail page where project task priority dropdown was offset dramatically lower than the task itself
  • Fixed External Site error “Invalid sub domain”
  • Fixed issue in Calendar settings where First Day of Week setting was not being honored on 5 and 7 day calendar views
  • Fixed issue where Quick Create – Entity Field functionality in Opportunity Create New page was not working as expected