Why your CRM implementation might fail, and what to do about it

Why do typical “Software Only” implementations fail?

Implementing a CRM is much more than a standalone project accounted for by a single individual, it’s a business philosophy that affects your entire company.

Some companies struggle to get widespread adoption of new software systems because they fail to address the underlying systems, processes, communication, and values of an organization. Planting a seed in barren soil will not get you a good result.

You should, first, build a culture of productivity and adoption; then implement the CRM platform

How do you build a culture of productivity and adoption?

Step 1: Start with Shared Values

We define values as “things of importance.” Values can be Goals, Priorities, Principles, Strategies, or Objectives.

Finding Shared Values means finding common ground between the individual employees and the organization as a whole. When values are aligned, the organization soil is ready for planting new ideas, implementing your CRM, and making positive change happen. While some values might be called on to achieve specific objectives, others are deeply rooted principles like personal responsibility and teamwork—be sure to clarify which are most important.

Step 2: Communication

Begin with establishing a common language. Too many organizations fail to make progress because they simply don’t stop long enough to get everyone on the same page with simple concepts and terminology.

Communicate Assertively and Respectfully. Assertive communication means saying what needs to be said. Respectful communication means doing it with respect for an individual. Establish a goal early on for assertive AND respectful communication to ensure that your team feels safe to confront the hard issues.

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Step 3: Behavior Patterns

The ultimate objective of most implementation initiatives is to change the behaviors patterns of members of your organization. Understanding key concepts like the “Habit Loop” (Action, Routine, Reward) are key concepts that can help deconstruct any process change into its most basic elements. From there, individual behaviors can be turned into habits, and habits into processes, and ultimately entire systems are developed.

How we help in the implementation process

With a PlanPlus Online tailor-made CRM solution, you get exactly what you want without any of the unnecessary bells and whistles. Training your team members takes less time because the CRM is designed based on the workflow that they are already familiar with, and because PlanPlus Online also offers software and productivity training.

What’s more, our culture experts can work by the hour or by the engagement to help you implement new systems and processes into your existing business.

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