18 04, 2011

The Science of SEO


SEO or search engine optimization is the science and art of getting your website discovered, analyzed, indexed and then ranked on the search engines.Could your business survive long without customers? What would happen if your customers were unable to find your address or your phone number? The same is true if they can’t find your [...]

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15 04, 2011

Mobile Planning


Over the past several years I have been on a quest to be connected and to have my key personal information with me all the time. It was not always easy to be connected, but now that quest is a way of life for me and countless others. […]

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8 04, 2011

Productivity, Efficiency, Effectiveness: What’s the difference?


The terms productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness are often used as synonyms in casual conversation and by many managers. However, there's a big difference in the results that are achieved by maximizing each of these measurements. Productivity Productivity is technically regarded as a measure of Outputs divided by Inputs. All of the activities that you get [...]

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