60 seconds with Dean Minuto…

Why did you choose to become a productivity expert?

What could be more important in life than learning how to live?

Here’s a little background: I started going blind when I was 17. This year, I qualified for a new surgery and a new implant that gave me my vision back.

I’ve been blessed—and I want to pass that blessing on to others. It’s why I have set up The “I See” Project—which will direct a portion of the revenue from my business to helping other’s get their vision back too.

Look, there are a lot of things that are outside our control, but one of the things that is within our control is how we choose to respond to what happens to us. I’d actually say that I have a “GET TO YES” expertise.

My focus is producing “YES”—you know, that moment when a person says to you, “Oh, I SEE!”

And I chose to focus on my skill set in the areas of messaging, influence, persuasion, negotiation for the same reason I was originally a philosophy major in college.

And what could be more important in life than knowing how to get to yes with people? It effects every area of our lives—personal and professional—and the truth is, we often mess it up. We make it HARDER for people to say YES to us when we need to—and often in the most important situations we face.

I believe we were all put here to make a difference, and everything I do is focused on helping you (others) make more of a difference in your (their) world.

You can make more of a difference when you get to yes with people.

And there is a lot of science that explains how and why people are triggered to say Yes. Really exciting research from neurobiology and behavioral psychology experts is being published daily.

My life study is simplifying the research with three steps—which I refer to as YESCALATE:

  1. Identifying WHAT works—what are the Best Practices?
  2. Validating WHY it works—by summarizing the Science.
  3. And Calibrating HOW you can make it work for you in your situation.

My mission is to help you get to yes faster in an honest and ethical way.

How did your personal life change as you gained more productivity expertise?

Well, I know that you don’t know me—so when I say EVERYTHING changed you might think I am exaggerating. But I believe that everything happens for a Reason.

Dr. Stephen R. Covey’s work was incredibly influential on me. My dad was an IBM executive, and dad literally brought Covey’s work to me to read when I was a teenager. But my life changed dramatically when I took my first FranklinCovey “First Things First” live full day training course.

I took that course three times over nine years (I guess you’d say I am a slow learner?). And I used the original 3-ring binder system religiously. The focus that I developed around identifying my Mission, and then drilling down into my Roles, and within the Roles my Goals…

The discipline of doing that on a Weekly Basis… talk about powerful!

And my personal Tool Kit expanded to include tools like the Important/Urgent matrix…

The fact is, I doubled my income as a direct result of having taken the course the first time in my mid-20’s. And I use the skills and tools DAILY. And it is 20 years later.

What’s the most important thing a client must do to become more productive?

Again, my focus in making a difference in people’s lives. And as part of my training course, I have people rate themselves on specific areas in both their personal and professional lives.

One of the most important areas is the area I refer to as STRUCTURE: how are you structuring your day, your week, your month, your year? And I tell everyone: the only thing you have is your time.

How effective are you at managing that resource? At planning and ordering that resource?

Do you have Mastery around STRUCTURE? And I tell them my personal story of the impact that the FranklinCovey training had on my life.

It worked for me. It will work for you.

About Dean

Dean has spent his professional life helping others understand the art of persuasion. He believes that at its heart, persuasion is communication, and too many of our misunderstandings come from miscommunication.

Whether you are trying to persuade a recalcitrant client to make a buy, or hoping to convince your children to work together cleaning up the backyard, the best way to communicate is through understanding. Dean wants to help get you there.

With 25 years of experience as a leading expert in sales, Dean has personally coached more than 9,000 CEOs, tens of thousands of other executives, and countless employees.

He is a proud member of the world’s leading CEO membership organization, Vistage International. In June 2015, Dean was honored and humbled to be named Vistage Speaker of the Year (June 2015).

A natural stage presence and a commanding, friendly speaker, Dean doesn’t just rely on charisma to help people learn to take control of persuasion. He has a lifetime of sales experience augmented by a deep passion for multi­ disciplinary research. He loves to weave neurobiology, sales techniques, marketing, history, psychology, and other sciences together in order to create a full tapestry of human behavior. It is only in understanding this that you can learn how to get to yes.

As a graduate of LeMoyne College with degrees in Marketing, Finance, and Philosophy, Dean went on to achieve professional certification in behavioral psychology and neuromarketing. He understands persuasion from all angles, and believes that success isn’t about a commission: it’s about making a difference.

With his YESCALATE® system and presentations via workshops and keynotes, his book The One­-Pages Sales Coach® his MAGNETS™, his online videos, and upcoming iPhone App, and nationwide webinars, Dean is bringing that learning, that passion, and that humanity to organizations around the country.

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