60 seconds with Sage Agbonkhese…

Why did you choose to become a productivity expert?

I chose to be a productivity expert because analyzing my decisions is a natural part of who I am. So, that when I train every day, I can react to life situations in the moment with precision. I want to share that technique with others like me.

How did your personal life change as you gained more productivity expertise?

The simplest model of being productive matches all my previous successes in my life. The more refined I became with my models of success, the easier I was able to accomplish my goals on a consistent basis. I felt really great because the goals matched the person I want to be.

What’s the most important thing a client must do to become more productive?

The most import thing a client must do to become more productive is: Time blocking goals that connect to your values.

About Sage

Sage engages his keen analytical skills to help clients improve operational efficiencies—including the development of effective strategies to adopt and improve technology, productivity tools, service quality, revenue, and organizational processes. Like a meticulous detective, Sage works to uncover the source of individual or organizational problems, then works with clients to adopt mindsets and behaviors which result in better customer relationships and sales results.

One coaching session with Sage and you’ll see why clients say: “Sage solves problems quickly and will take the time to educate so we don’t have to call back, and much more. Sage puts his heart into everything that he does. He’s willing to learn anything quickly and thoroughly just to help the team.”