9 Secrets of Successful Business Leaders

A good leader is made, not born. There are many things you can do to become a better business leader. While there are people who are more extroverted or outgoing, these personalities alone will never determine whether they’ll succeed as business leaders.

In fact, people with wide array of personalities have become successful business leaders by means of different leadership styles. Leadership is a form of art rather than science; this means that there are no magic formulas for success. However, there are actually fundamental concepts that anyone can learn and use to become a better leader.

Authenticity: Great business leaders believe in their authentic self, they are who they are and they also have incomparable integrity. Humility and vulnerability are the characteristics of an authentic leader, creating attractive and positive energy. People – media, employees, and customers definitely want to an authentic leader to be successful.

Listening: Listening is paramount to any relationship; excellent leaders listen to their prospects and customers needs, wants, and the challenges they face. They are generally open to new concepts and ideas – something that can further improve their Business. Successful leaders Listen.

Storytelling: Leaders need to tell great stories to be able to offer and sell their services, products, and most importantly, their effective ideas. Storytelling captivates people; it compels them to make a more and take action. Remember, good storytelling will win customers.

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Responsiveness: A great leader is responsive to the future and present customers, investors, and employees and encourages a culture of absolute responsiveness. Whether it is a communication through emails, voice mails, notes, or even tweets, responding to colleagues and customers will show them that you care, giving them a sense of importance and making a positive impact on your company.

Team Playing: Regardless of the size of your company, you need to interact with the people around you every day. Let others shine, encourage innovative ideas, practice humility, and consider the roles of others in your team. This will make you become a likable leader.

Transparency: Business is not a place for corporate secrets. Honesty and transparency result to loyal and satisfied employees, customers, and colleagues.  Most importantly, being transparent makes you unworried and happy. A happy leader is a productive leader.

Passion: Good leaders love their work. They bring passion into their businesses, which is a remarkable advantage because passion is highly contagious to the employees and customers alike. Find and increase your passion, this will potentially affect the bottom line of your business.

Adaptability:  In today’s generation, the marketplace is changing rapidly. Thus, leaders must be highly flexible to manage the ever changing challenges and opportunities. Being stubborn won’t get you anywhere. Instead, be humble and willing to adapt, this marks you as a great leader.

Gratefulness: Great leaders are always grateful for all the people who have contributed to their success and excellent opportunities. Be appreciative and say ‘thank you’ to customers, mentors, colleagues, and other stakeholders. Gratitude is one of the most important qualities of successful business leaders

Becoming a likable leader is not easy. It requires commitment and constant improvement. However, practicing these fundamental concepts will certainly help you begin to gain the trust and confidence of your customers and colleagues as well as make you a more likable and successful leader.