Collaborate With Your CRM As A Teammate

“So, What Makes you want to be in sales?”

Always seems like this question gets asked in just about every interview for sales roles of all levels.  When answering the question, one of the most common responses tends to include the candidate’s competitive nature. Don’t get me wrong — it’s not a bad thing and the most successful sales teams are built to be somewhat competitive, and hitting your individual sales goals are a must; but at the end of the day they are a team that either fails or succeeds together.

I come from a marketing background, specializing in website design and development. But what does this have to do with sales and CRMs? I work with the sales team every day and I can see the nature and spirit of our team when they work together and when they work on their own. The greatest success I’ve seen from our sales team is the fact that they use a CRM. Luckily, there are many advanced CRM tools available today, teams can work together to get new ways that can help everyone close more business. From my observations of our sales team, here’s the best benefits of collaborating with a CRM:

Getting a set (or more) fresh eyes on your deals

Sometimes the sales team can get swept up in the details of the deal and that they might have missed the key ingredient to bring the deal to a close; but of course we are all human after all.  However, CRMs allow the sales team the ability to get help from each other seamlessly sharing the conversation surrounding the deal, and they just might pick up on the key detail that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. In addition, they tend to work with people who have different levels of experience and diverse backgrounds, and they may be able to provide valuable advice based on the communications of a deal that they’ve been brought in on.

A social side to selling

Something I hear constantly from our Sales Manager is the fact that he likes to talk to people from a fascinating range of industries and personal background and it’s even more fun when there are mutual interests and/or connections on social media tools such as LinkedIn or Twitter.  With the great abilities of CRMs to aggregate the social information into an easily accessible place, it dramatically speeds up the customer research process and paves the way for creating a true relationship.

Going deeper with reporting in your teams

Lastly, one of the best ways to take advantage of a CRm is its reporting capabilities in order to ask and answer the right questions about what is needed in order to better your team’s selling ability.  Example, if someone is doing very well with their sales, others may want to know the strategy they used to improve themselves and this in turn would improve the process for the entire group.

The teams here at PlanPlus Online like to think of each other as a second ‘family’. We are a home away from home and not just at work, but a place where we want to succeed and complete a common goal