Cutting Out Distractions at Work

Cutting Out Distractions at Work:  Controlling Your CommunicationsSometimes the things designed to make our life easier actually make it more complicated. In his article “Boost Focus and Productivity by Reducing Communication Distractions,” Joshua Zerkel suggests how we can avoid distractions from notifications, messages, and ringing phones to increase productivity. He suggests:

Prioritizing Key Tasks: Before starting work each day, go over and write down important tasks for the day. Decide which ones need to be done first, schedule time for them on your calendar, and make that time a “distraction free zone,” where you commit to focusing only on that task.

Avoiding “helpful” notifications: We have multiple modes of communication from phone and email to mass social media, and each method has a way of notifying us if we’ve received a message. Ask yourself: “Do these notifications help me, or are they only good for interruptions?” If the latter is the case, schedule time during the day when you check these notifications.

Not getting sucked into social media: Social media tools are fun, but they are also big time-wasters. If you’re using it for personal use, wait until you’re off business hours. If you’re using social media for business, schedule time for social media during your working day.··Remember though, social media is active, so it should be apart of your scheduled tasks if you’re using it for business.

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