Each New Year Is an Opportunity for a New Beginning

Each new year is an opportunity for a new beginning. It is time to put aside the failures or mistakes from the prior year and charge forward in to 2012 with renewed ambition and determination. As you look forward to the coming year, what 

goals do you have? What experiences do you want to have? Who do you want to have them with? What accomplishments do you want to make in 2012? What mistakes did you make in 2011? What can you learn from them? How can you take your failures and turn them in to successes?

The new year is a great time to reflect and evaluate where you are in life. You can recommit to new goals or recommit to old ones. Most importantly, take time to write them down. It may sound like a silly exercise (to some people) but if you have done it, you know how powerful it can be. If you really do take the time to write these things down, and really do take some action to follow through, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. Have a fantastic year in 2012.

Keith Norris

On behalf of the entire PlanPlus Software Team