The easy and effective way to create an ideal customer profile

One of the keys to growing your sales is to figure out exactly who you’re selling to and who are your best customers. If you focus on selling to more ideal customers and less to non-ideal customers you’ll be more effective in your selling and you’ll have better results.

If you’re like most people, this can be a hard exercise, because you feel like you can sell to anyone, and you don’t want to limit yourself.

So here is a simple framework for making this very easy.

Create a matrix

Create 3 columns: Most Ideal, Less Ideal, Not Ideal.

Then, label each of the rows based on the attributes that are most relevant for your product or service. Such as Business Line, Job Title, Company Revenue, Location, Number of Employees-any attribute that you can think of that’s relevant for your product or service.

Think of your existing customers

Next, think of real customers. Have you got one in mind? Good! Now for each of your customers, rate them across each of the cells in your matrix.

As you go through this exercise you’ll end up with a good picture of who your most ideal customers are.

Focus on getting more ideal customers

Once you know who they are, you can focus on getting more just like them. And getting more ideal customers, will make your life easier and should be the goal of every business.

Your ideal customer profile is something that can evolve over time, so revisit it as often as necessary.

It’s also something that your entire team should be aware of. Your marketing team should be attracting ideal customers and your salespeople should be qualifying and scoring your prospects based on your ideal customer profile.

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