How do I fix my landing page? It’s failing!

Ok, so you’ve got an awesome product ready to go. You think it’s the best piece of sliced bread and it’s going to revolutionize the world, make everyone’s lives better and make your company rocket to the top.

To that product, you’ve built out a landing page, where you’ve highlighted key product features and services it provides.  Your telling everyone just how fabulous it is and explained why they should buy it. You’ve probably even made videos showing your product, and created some infographics to demonstrate how it’s better than your competitor.

You’ve also created social media presence for it on several different platforms, making sure everyone know just how fabulous your product or service is.  You’ve made sure your landing page has a good linking strategy, set up for PPC campaign to drive traffic to the page.

Now your thinking to yourself, “Yes, everything is in place and I’ll start watching the cash flow in.”

Then you wait.

And you wait.

And you wait.

And you …well…wait more.

What’s wrong? Hardly anyone is clicking the buy button.

You check your page statistics. Yes the landing page is showing up and people are coming to your page, but why are they so slow to buy?  You decide to buy more PPC ads, you send out a bunch of money to social media so you can possibly get more people to see your page.

Still…nothing works. Nobody wants your product.

Here’s some ways to fix it up:


Try actually talking to your customer!

There’s a different here, I don’t use “customers” I used “customer.”  Why? Because the most important thing a company fails to understand about the internet is that it creates relationships. What you are trying to do here is create a relationship with your potential customer.  People, afterall, buy from companies they trust.  You have to earn their trust before they will let you take their hard earned cash.

Remember, the internet is not like broadcast advertising. Instead of being a one-way medium, like mail, radio or television, it’s a two-way medium.  People can respond to what’s on your landing page with your content such as liking or sharing it.  They can also complain about you, your company or product or service on other websites.

Instead of writing to a broad audience, you need to write as if you were having a conversation with one person.  Your landing page is rarely viewed by a large audience. Perhaps it a person alone in his house looking for a solution to his problem. And you convince him your product or service is really the solution he’s looking for. This means you have your message focused on him.  Tell him why your product is the answer to his dreams. Why it will solve his problem. Why it is the right thing for him.

Now, you’ve started building a relationship with your customer.  It make take time and a lot of hard work, but if you do it right, if you make it worth the person’s while to listen to what you have to say and convince him that your product is the right one for him, he will buy again and again.


Use benefits-driven language instead of feature-driven language.

Instead of talking about the features of your product, it’s dimensions, it’s technical specs, it’s abilities, etc. Talk about the benefits it will provide to your potential customer.


Appeal to your customer’s emotions.

Do it, seriously. Everyone is doing it. Why? because appealing to your customer’s emotions work. People don’t make logical purchasing decisions. They make emotional decisions and they find ways to rationalize that purchase to make themselves look better for doing it.  This has been proven again and again and again. Marketers use this very human trait every single day. Emotion is a great way to connect to your potential customers, because we are all emotional creatures at heart.  Everyone can relate to a particular situation, especially when it affects him or her directly.  Anyone who comes to your website has a problem, and your product or service can solve it. Use emotion to persuade them that yours is the right one for them.


Be convincing to your customer.

  • Use customer testimonials. It’s well and good for you to say how great your product is, but when someone else verifies that, your potential customers are more likely to listen.
  • Offer a money-back guarantee- Quite a few companies fail to see this or implement it. That kind of conviction can be just the push your potential customers need to get them to click that buy button that has been sitting there, so expectantly on your page.  Once you free them from the fear of owning something that doesn’t work or they can’t use, the decision to buy can be a lot easier to make.


Take these four easy steps to fix your landing page. Go forward and enjoy a boat in the Bahamas.