How to GIF with Success

GIFs are are trending right now, and in a very big way. Facebook recently announced the new FIG capability, allowing users to share, post and like GIFs on all platforms. It’s about time and they aren’t the only ones, here’s some tips we’ve seen, learned and want to share with you.

1. Remember your audience

GIFs are what you make of them…literally. Your content, whether it is an email, web page, or even a social post, can be instantly transformed using simple but memorable GIFs.   You can consider including them for more than just the presentation of promotional content, and instead create and use GIFs with a specific customer reaction in mind. Even emails with GIFs showing a part of a new feature are doing well! Want to make it something light? Use humor or create a memorable meme.  Like i said before, sharing new product information? Keep it light with a graphic element on a page. The GIF is worth more than words on a page or deck.

2. Make it a Memory

With all the content your customers are reading across channels, getting your audience to have an active interaction can be quite the challenge.  Implementing GIFS is an effective step in getting yourself apart from static content. Tumblr rolled out a new feature allowing users to add GIFS straight from their blogging toolbar with a search feature urging users to locate GIFS based on desired audience reaction.

3. Embrace the Now

It’s easy for customers to scroll or sort through content quickly with a cursory glance or a quick skim.  GIFS actually capture attention an typically last 1-5 seconds long, so worry less  about otherthinking your content.  GIFs that use well-known brand features, pop culture references, or even simply eye catching graphics do great with this.

Convinced at all?  Let us know how you use GIFs to pump up your marketing! tweet us with #GIFsuccess on your thoughts!