How to achieve more with less stress—for free

With all the things you need to do every day, fighting your to-do list shouldn’t be one of them…

How to achieve more with less stress

Finally, there’s a way you can get the clarity and confidence you need to win at work and succeed at life. PlanPlus Online offers the perfect tool to focus on the work that matters, so you can achieve your goals.

What needs to be done today?

Studies show that the average person has approximately 10 things they intend to accomplish on any given day.

Does this sound like you?

But the truth is, in reality you’ll accomplish 3 to 5 of those things. Unfortunately, the other 5 to 7 things go undone, are forgotten, or there were too many distractions or interruptions to accomplish them.

Every day… one step forward—but another step back.

Does that sound like being productive—or, to be honest, is it just keeping your head above water?

This is exactly why we are offering the PlanPlus Online task manager right in your Chrome browser for free!

Finally, a simple yet powerful tool to help you:

Your to-do list can be the source of overwhelm and disappointment in life. There’s a better way—you don’t have to let your to-do list call the shots. Instead, the PlanPlus Online task manager allows you to write down only today’s top 10 tasks.


Use the powerful ABC-123 way of prioritizing tasks to ensure the most important things get accomplished first. Achieve your big goals by focusing on the most important things one at a time—and realize your goals in record time.


Banish distractions. No other task manager offers a “Focus” button to keep you free from distractions or interruptions until you accomplish your task. Capture interruptions when if they come and organize them so you can get back to the task at hand.

Guaranteed Progress and Achievement

Achievement is as easy as 1-2-3! Install the Chrome plugin, capture your top 10 to-dos’s, and follow the prioritization and focus system to guarantee progress you’re your goals—even when life gets busy!​