How to do a monthly personal performance review

Success and fulfillment in life is found by intentionally creating the life you want to have, and conducting a personal and private monthly review is part of that process.

Right now, and at the end of each month, take an hour to review the past month and make goals and course corrections for the new month. A monthly personal meeting with just you will also help in your weekly planning.

Here are some ideas to help you determine if you’re on track with your goals and personal progress. You’ll want to write your thoughts in the Daily Notes feature in your PlanPlus Online account.

Answer these general questions

What did you accomplish?
What were some big events?
What are you most proud of?
What did you find most challenging?
How are you different?
What are your personal struggles?
What behaviors or habits would you like to start, stop, or continue in the new month?
What are the things you learned and want to remember?

Time to drill down a little further

Did you keep your values clearly in mind?
Did you feel peaceful and confident that you are doing what you want to do in life?
Are the things you did through the month meaningful and contribute to your overall purpose and goals?
Did you review your Why, Core Values, Roles, and Goals on a weekly basis?

Did you evaluate and limit activities and commitments based on your purpose and values?
Were you able to quickly decide what was most important to do?
Were you able to handle changes peacefully and confidently?
Were you able to politely tell people “no” if you felt you couldn’t give their request the time and effort it deserves?
Do you feel comfortable with the pace and progress of your month?

Were you free to act rather than be acted upon?
Did you feel in charge of your life most of the month?
Did you have a positive attitude about your challenges?
Were you in control of your actions and feelings?
Were you able to see things through to their completion?

Did you think ahead, prepare, and organize?
Were you consistent with your weekly planning?
Did you communicate with others when you needed help with projects and involve them directly in the planning and scheduling process?
Did you break projects down into smaller parts in order to effectively schedule and complete the project?

Did you honor your commitments to yourself and others?
Were you punctual and consistent in keeping appointments with others and with yourself?
Did you limit your commitments to those which you were certain you could handle?

Did you accurately determine the achievable?
Were your estimates of how long projects and appointments take realistic?
Were you able to effectively limit distractions and interruptions?
Did you use time blocking on a regular basis to accomplish goals without interruptions?

Did you strive to increase personal capacity?
Did you invest time and effort in personal development?