How to Increase Website Conversions and Sales

Most websites these days have (or should have) some sort of a webform that captures a lead.  We have asked our guest blogger, Robert “RJ”  Neel, to provide us with some thoughts on how to get the most out of webforms. Robert has orchestrated the successful creation of thousands of small and medium business websites, mobile apps, and online marketing campaigns. His direction has lead to the generation of tens of millions of dollars of new sales for wide ranging clients in over one hundred industries. Here are his comments…

You spend tons of money promoting your website… You put your URL on your business cards, you have it painted on your car, you place it on billboards, you pay for web and print ads to drive traffic to your site. Then when you attain the traffic, you must prevent the disaster of letting leads slip through the cracks! How many more leads and sales could you be generating, if your webforms and website were better designed and optimized? When forms are difficult to find, lack proper incentives, are annoying to complete, or don’t work properly, then visitors leave (often to never return again). Here are some tips to increase your conversions and sales from your website:


a. Some companies offer a free trial. This works great if it makes sense for your product and you have good processes to convert them to paying customers.

b. You might offer a big discount, free white paper, or newsletter subscription, but spice it up. Offer a special deal for signing up and get more site conversions!


a. Make the webform area large to call attention.

b. Add an image next to the form to help attract a pause when users are quickly viewing a page.

c. Redundancy is good. Repeat your web forms throughout your site and have buttons and links to them as well.

d. Setup an auto-responder.

e. Setup a drip email campaign.


a. People are not as likely to input their personal information into an old, outdated site that doesn’t look credible… One of the highest impacts you can do to increase conversions is to publish a new web design. We suggest refreshing your website design at least once every 1.5 years to keep up with the latest styles and trends. Browse sample designs now at

4) Bonus: Is your CRM Social?

I’m sure you are numb from hearing how huge Facebook has grown and how it should be part of your marketing strategy. Maybe you built a fan page, you interact with your fans, and you might even run Facebook ads, but how do you convert more of those fans into sales? One powerful resource is to start harvesting your Facebook fans into your CRM database. One good idea is to redesign your Facebook fanpage to include a webform. The potential for adding viable leads is amazing when you integrate your CRM with social networking sites such as Facebook.

Robert Neel
President of 175 Web Design Services

If you or your business would be interested in learning more about implementing any of these techniques: You can take advantage of all of these features easily by contacting Robert or one of his web experts for a free consultation. They will be happy to discuss all your options and discuss how our integrations would allow you to attain the highest conversions. Please contact us at 801-438-3460 x2020 or send an email to