How to improve your sales process

If your organization is involved in sales, you already have a sales process. But unless you have an identified and established sales process, you’ll find that random acts produce random and uncertain results. In sales, random acts can be used occasionally, but a systematic and well-defined best practices approach can assure predictable results.

In simple terms, a sales process is a systematic (step-by-step) approach involving a series of steps that enables a salesperson to close more deals, increase margins, and make more sales through referrals.

Why do you need an established sales process?
  • It creates predictable outcomes that could lead to more sales and higher margins.
  • It defines activities that should be repeated to obtain the desired outcomes again and again by any salesperson within the organization—and when news salespeople are hired.
  • It creates outcomes that can be measured and compared.
  • It leads to a larger percentage of profitable sales.
  • It forges stronger bonds between the company and the customers.
How do you build a sales process?

Start by observing. Look back at the last five to ten deals that closed and ask yourself questions such as:

  • What were the major steps in the process?
  • What were the touch points with the customer?
  • Roughly how long did the entire process take, and how much time elapsed between each step?

The more examples you have the better. For example, a sales process might involve the following key steps:

  1.     Prospecting
  2.     Qualifying
  3.     Proposal/presentation
  4.     Handling Objections & Ongoing Follow-up
  5.     Closing

Here’s a process you can use for starters:

  1. Suspect
  2. Qualified
  3. Prospect
  4. Hot
  5. Pending
  6. Won

Here is an instructional video and free PDF forms to help you create your sales process:

Watch video: How to identify and create your sales stages using the PDF templates.

Download PDF example of completed sales stages diagram.

Download PDF example of blank sales stages diagram.

Incorporate your sales process into your CRM

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