Are you keeping track of these three measurements with your CRM?

Customer relationship managementPlanPlus Online Business edition’s CRM offers you and your business the strongest, most effective approach in maintaining and creating relationships with customers.

These relationships are created by having your organization log every customer interaction into a common database—ensuring that everyone involved in the business cycle has visibility of all the activities and interactions relating to that customer—guaranteeing that the necessary actions will be taken quicker and more effectively in order to provide more efficient service.

With this huge pool of data, you’ll be provided with invaluable insights into your customers. Using the analytics in PlanPlus Online, you’ll be able to make sense of all this data. Here are three of many things you should be able to determine:

Lifetime value of customers

Customer Lifetime Value or LTV is the estimated value customers will generate during their lifetime. This information will help identify potential high-dollar clients with significant spending habits. Using PlanPlus Online, you can determine which customers are expensive to serve and manage, and entice more profitable customers to spend more money.

You can calculate the sum of the gross profit from a customer’s history of purchases to determine the lifetime value, and also predict the future potential history based on previous transactions and online behaviors.

Managing complaints

Angry customerHow you manage a customer complaint is important. PlanPlus Online can help develop internal tracking and procedures that deal with customer service problems and grievances in order to retain customers and improve their experience.

By recording every customer interaction, you’ll be able to determine how they interact with you when they do have a complaint. You can determine and monitor processes that hinder your growth and improve the quality of your products and services and keep customers happy.

Segmentation of customers

With a single database, you’ll be able to classify customers in many ways—such as by age, location, gender, or purchasing behavior. You’ll be able to market products and services to different demographics and determine marketing campaigns for diverse sections of your customer base. You’ll be able to expand into new markets, retain more customers, improve communications, and increase profitability.

PlanPlus Online Business CRM edition will improve process workflow and business efficiency through reporting and deep insights. Customer Lifetime Value, complaint management, and customer segmentation are three of the many benefits your business will have with this powerful and effective customer relationship management tool.