Are your leads slipping through the cracks?

If you have a website, you want that site to collect leads for your sales team, right?


Example of Contact Us webform you can build with PlanPlus Online

But, what happen to those leads?

  • Are they automatically entered into your central database?
  • Are they automatically assigned to a sales rep?
  • Are they all being called?
  • How many times do you call them before you give up?
  • What do you do if you can’t reach them by phone?

That’s where PlanPlus Online comes in!

PlanPlus Online automatically connects your website with your sales team, your marketing team, and even your calendar for scheduling and keeps it all in one place that can be accessed by any device at any time.

PlanPlus Online offers tools to build effective forms on your website to collect just the right data from a prospect or customer and then enters that data directly into your database in order as an action item for your sales team.

Watch this video to see how it all can work for you!