Managing Tasks

Managing tasks is one of the keys to productivity in the modern world. For years, software developers and many other time management gurus have tried to teach us how to manage our tasks. Even Microsoft with Outlook tried to provide us with a tool to manage tasks effectively.

I have to say, the FranklinCovey system of ABC-123 is the most common and simple way to manage tasks. I have used this system together with PlanPlus software tools to literally manage thousands of tasks. What makes the system so simple and effective? Here are ten simple ways to manage tasks better using PlanPlus:

  1. Add tasks into the future and then forget them – They will be there when the calendar gets to that day.
  2. Prioritize the tasks in a matter of minutes – Plan for just a few minutes each day.
  3. See what is the highest priority (A1) – Begin the day with the most important task.
  4. Simply drag and drop the task to re-shuffle the list anytime.
  5. Use “Quick Prioritize” to sort your tasks – This is a great feature.
  6. Delegate tasks to others – They’ll get an email telling them you’ve delegated it.
  7. You get an emotional high (at least I do) when I check off a task.
  8. The tasks automatically move forward each day (a life saver).
  9. The tasks are now syncing with my Android device and Outlook.
  10. I can put tasks in my smartphone or PlanPlus and they are instantly sync’d.

Managing tasks has never been so easy and so critical to my success. I see colleagues who struggle every day with their tasks because they do not have a simple system to enter, prioritize and manage their tasks. I would have one simple suggestion for them: Get one of the PlanPlus Software solutions from FranklinCovey and start managing your tasks list like a pro. You will be organized and much more effective and you will love checking off those tasks. I have been using this simple task management system for 20 years and I honestly believe it is the most simple and effective system on the market.