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PlanPlus Mobile Apps are Here!

Looking for Mobile app or Sync Setup Help?

A truly native mobile app for managing your Productivity; Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Daily Notes, and Planning features to help you reach your goals.


  • Available for iOS and Android
  • ABC-123 Task management
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Daily Notes
  • Works with PlanPlus Online
  • Sync
  • Choose which categories to sync
  • Free – Works with your PlanPlus Online subscription
  • System Requirements:
    • Android: Version 2.3 or higher
    • iOS: iPhone or iPad running iOS 8 or higher

Mobile Apps

PlanPlus Online  is now easier to use from your mobile phone!  These FREE PlanPlus CRM mobile apps connect you to your PlanPlus Online CRM data from your mobile Android, or iOS device.

Android Download
iPhone Download

If you have a Blackberry, or windows device you can save this bookmark to access your account: /mobile/

planplus online apps

PlanPlus Goals app for iPad and iPad Mini

PlanPlus™ Goals app for iPad offers a centralized application to manage Goals based on the different Life Areas such as a Personal, Physical, Professional, Social, Spiritual. Goals are accomplished by putting energy in all the activities we have in our daily lives. Activities include the Task you need to complete, the appointments and meetings that consume your week and any notes related to each area in your life.

The PlanPlus Goals application brings together both functionality of the familiar task management of PlanPlus and a great interface of images depicting your Live Areas.

The application is designed to fit the needs all users, looking to find balance of both Personal and Professional life areas.  PlanPlus Goals is a full feature native planning application for your iPad, the data entered in the application can be set up to sync with a PlanPlus Online account or just used without sync.


This app is temporarily unavailable for download

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iPad Download


  • Home page to manage Task, Calendar and Daily Notes from one page
  • ABC-123 prioritizing Task to accomplish all your important task on a daily basis
  • Daily and Unscheduled Task management
  • Life Areas related to Goals
  • Personalize with Image from your ipad photo album or PlanPlus designed images
  • Graphical Reports to help you see the time spent in each Life Area and Goals