Never lose a sales lead

So, you have a website. And you want your website to generate leads for your sales team.

But, the problem is, all the leads that come in from your contact us form go to someone’s email. Maybe it’s the manager. Then, the manager has to forward the leads to one of your sales reps. Who then asks the sales rep to do the daily entry to put the lead into…?

Um, yeah… that’s the problem!

You don’t have a central database that you can count on for all your sales and marketing data. Where are your leads going? Are they all being called? How many times do you call them before you give up? What do you do if you can’t reach them by phone?

That’s where PlanPlus Online comes in.

PlanPlus Online is a cloud-based database that can connect your website, your sales team, your marketing team, and even your calendar for scheduling—all in one place.

Here’s an example, with PlanPlus Online, we can replace the Contact Us form on your website with a completely custom webform that generates more highly-qualified leads. That webform can send an autoresponder to the website visitor, and sends a notification to you or your team.

On top of all that, it immediately adds the contact right into your PlanPlus Online account where you can access it from any internet connected computer anytime day or night—from there, your sales team can easily track all the interaction with that contact and convert it to a sales opportunity.

Sales opportunities can be used to generate a pipeline forecast, or to trigger templated tasks or appointments based on your workflow.

Nothing slips through the cracks.

If the sales team is not able to convert the lead, you can easily trigger a nurture campaign that can continue to send regular emails to your prospects and give them a chance to reengage when they’re ready to buy.

Getting and keeping customers can be hard work, but with PlanPlus Online for Business it just got a lot easier. If you can use a boost to your sales and marketing, give it a try.