New PlanPlus Online Build Announced

At PlanPlus Online, we’re committed to bringing you the best CRM and personal planning solutions available. We’re always updating and improving our software with new features for the best functionality. Every time we launch a new build these features update automatically, so there is nothing to install or download, making it more convenient for you. We have highlighted a few of our favorite new features below.

  • Ability to search notes in the mobile app – The mobile application has a robust search·feature that just got better. You can now search the content of notes for contacts, organizations, and more. To do so, sign into the mobile app then select
    • Search > type your query > choose “Search notes” from the drop down
  • Access Project summary from the mobile app – Now you can access your projects wherever you go using the PlanPlus Online Shortcut app. The feature lists all the projects you have in progress. To view and edit your project
    • login to the mobile app > select “Project” > select the appropriate project from the list > select the plus sign to add a task or edit details
  • Add appointments to vCal – If you are creating appointment invites for others, this ensures the appointment will show up on their vCal in Google or Microsoft Outlook. View our video for instructions and troubleshooting. 
  • Change the page layout sequence – This allows you to easily change the sequence of custom fields and field groups in page layouts by going to the “Layout” tab and selecting the appropriate display sequence. View video instructions here
  • Complete a goal step – In PlanPlus Online, you can break goals down into specific, manageable steps. Now you can complete those individual steps just as you would a task. Go to·
    • Weekly Planning > Goals > Edit Goals > Goal Step > Status > Completed·
  • Export projects in CSV format – The app allows you to access the projects from anywhere, but you may want a hard copy of your projects to present to a team or your family. You can now export projects and details to a CSV file you can then print. Go to·
    • “Project” tab in PlanPlus Online > select the desired project > click “Export to CSV”
  • Import records from TopProducer – This feature makes it easy for real estate professionals to improt files they have exported from TopProducer into PlanPlus Online, including contact and listing details. 
  • Request access to a record to which you don’t have access – This feature allows you to request access to a contact or other record that another user has marked as private. View the video instructions below