PlanPlus Online August Release Notes

PlanPlus Online is pleased to announce the following enhancements and fixes (Release 2.26.2):

Added attendees to our Appointment APIs.

Added ability to sort relationships in organizations:

  • Click on the up or down arrow to sort by the selected column:

Enhanced condition searches on beta dashboards:

  • This is a beta feature, but it’s fantastic if you’re looking for visual dashboards of your data! Contact us┬áif you’re interested in working with our Professional Services team to set this feature up for you:

Added ability to bulk PDF merge of Opportunities and Contacts:

  • You can print merged documents in bulk directly from your PlanPlus Online Account:

Added ability to use Customer and Opportunity merge codes in Appointment templates:

  • Improve your process automation using custom appointment templates that can merge any data from your customer directly into the appointment:

Fixed bug with default login page setting in roles:

  • Simplify your users experience by customizing their default access on login. We strive to help people be more productive and simply accessing your most important information right away is one small step in making you more productive: