PlanPlus Online Vector 2.5.1 Release Notes

  • Opportunity entity fields brought up to parity with contact entity fields: added display feature for phone number and email address
  • Added team lead field to edit lead page layout
  • Added feature to allow users to create new dashboard based on user group data sets in addition to individual users
  • Removed feature to customize task status
  • Opportunity API completed: create, update, delete, update and list (based on opportunity view)
  • Contact Process UI and workflow brought up to parity with Opportunity Process UI and workflow
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue were label was incorrect on contact process page
  • Fixed issue where a forwarded task was being assigned a start date
  • Fixed issue where context sensitive fields groups were missing data in the UI
  • Fixed issue where user could not create a contact with required custom field in page layout
  • Fixed issue where the Territory Engine would not run when using reference data set feature
  • Fixed issue where create opportunity popup was incorrectly sized
  • Fixed issue on global search where in some areas category was not correctly set
  • Fixed issue in email center where the “to” field was not populating when navigating from a contact record with an email address
  • Fixed issue where advanced search results for leads would load only a blank page
  • Fixed issue in Leads API where custom fields where being concatenated and inserted into only 1 custom field.
  • Fixed issue in Zapier / Spotio Lead integration for custom fields
  • Planning improvements:
  • Internal mechanism for internal / external beta switch
  • Internal new schema for new planning features
  • New Planning workflow wizard implemented
  • Removed legacy LinkedIn integration due to core integration problems with 3rd party platform