PlanPlus Online Vector 2.7.15 Release Notes

October 10, 2017

Improvements / New Features
  • New search feature that suggests results as you type.
  • Refined search results page grouping all matches by record type on one convenient page.
  • Gauge/goal-tracking dashboard widget completed.
  • Refined workflow for building both trend and gauge dashboard widget.
  • Added option to make a dashboard public OR private.
  • Added User API to fetch a user’s profile based on email address.
  • Added feature on Contact APIs to honor or ignore team member access rules when fetching contact sets.
  • Record detail notes: inline editing now available for existing Contact, Organization, Lead and Opportunity notes.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where dragging a task on home page was re-prioritizing to the incorrect priority value.
  • Fixed issue for tasks when forwarding a task removes the status entirely.
  • Fixed issue on home page for “Transferring Overdue tasks to Today” would result in Daily Tasks being displayed on the Unscheduled task list, if user was viewing the Unscheduled task list.
  • Fixed issue on homepage where dragging a task would make the dragging task appear above the cursor, instead of inline with the moving cursor.
  • Fixed issue on home page where drop down menus for status and priority for tasks near bottom of page are not accessible.
  • Fixed issue in Opportunities where required fields in field groups are not correctly being validated when saving the record.
  • Fixed issue in Opportunity context field groups where required fields with values are not correctly validating.
  • Fixed issue in Calendar section where day headers were not staying “pinned” when user scrolls down the calendar.
  • Added Time zone option for Asia/Dubai.
  • Fixed issue for customers with multiple PlanPlus Online account modules where the module toggle menu was not visible.
  • Fixed issue on Import which was allowing the user to proceed with file upload when no file was selected.
  • Fixed issue on Call Reports allowing reporting options outside the scope of the user’s current module.
  • Fixed issue where in the appointment detail screen an all-day recurring appointment would always display the original appointment start date.
  • Fixed issue on Compass where an appointment created by dragging a Big Rock or Goal Step would be assigned an appointment date of 1 day in the future relative to where the user dragged.
  • Fixed issue in Contact, Organization, and Lead reports where results relating to an inactive user were not being displayed in the result set.
  • Fixed issue where when a user had more than 10 Big Rocks, only the first 10 were displaying.
  • Fixed issue for Project tasks, when delegating to an email address that exists for a contact in the account the system was returning an error.
  • Fixed issue for our Professional edition customers causing unnecessary options to appear across account.
  • Fixed issue in Marketing Module where an Audience List was being deleted without a confirmation from user.
  • Various other performance improvements and fixes.