Use this productivity secret weapon

Every year, the city where I live hosts a triathlon. Top athletes (triathletes) from all over the world attend. In order to make the course route safe, the city barricades dozens of streets. You can imagine, it would be a disaster to allow regular traffic to drive on the same route while the participants were racing. For an entire day, regular traffic is kept out in order to allow the triathlon to take place.

This is exactly how ‘time blocking’ works–and it’s an effective weapon you can use for getting more done!

What is time blocking?

Time blocking is the art of allocating blocks of designated time for specific activities or tasks throughout the day. It’s like building a barricade around a specific task and not allowing other tasks or activities to interfere. Time blocking is a mindset that says “no” to interruptions and forces you to specifically take time in your day to work on your most important tasks.

Time blocking is a way to get more done of what you want and need—with less distraction.

Time blocking moves you beyond a task list

Making a list of all the things you need and want to accomplish is an essential starting point—but it’s just that: the starting point. Time blocking is how you move an item from your do-to list and place it on your calendar in order to accomplish it on a specific day at a specific time.

Then, for that time, your build a ‘fence’ around that task so that other less-important things don’t interfere or distract.

Time blocking is more than simply hoping and wishing for time to be available to work on a project. Hoping and wishing aren’t going to cut it anymore—you must schedule it!

How you choose to use your time is what separates you. By scheduling the stuff that matters, you’ll be spending those hours far more wisely. In addition, you’ll be living your days proactively rather than reactively.

How to schedule your time blocks
time blocking

PlanPlus Online takes you step-by-step through the weekly planning process.

At the beginning of your week (perhaps on Sunday) sit down and deliberately and specifically define your week. Enter each task and time block out the time that you’ll commit to that task on your calendar. In fact, PlanPlus Online takes you step-by-step through that process. Click here for more information.

Let others know

If you work closely with other people, let them know (politely) that you’ll be head down in some significant work during your time block, and you’ll be checking your email or phone after you’ve completed your block of time.

Turn off your phone and other devices

I know, blasphemy! But your cell phone will rob you of your productivity. Turn it off, put it away, along with anything else that will distract you from your time.

Time blocking: it isn’t just for work anymore

Scheduling blocks of time doesn’t have to involve just work-related stuff. Block out time for relationships, volunteer opportunities, reading and studying. The things that matter most to you need to be scheduled—no matter what.

Where you do it matters

Time blocking itself is useless if you have to work in a distracted environment. The location is crucial if you want to get your work done. In an office environment, this could be a conference room. You might work best in the park, a coffee shop, the library—if so, then choose that place as your location.

When you time block for yourself and hold to it fiercely, two amazing things happen:

  1. You get your most important task accomplished quicker, more thoroughly, and with more enjoyment
  2. Surprisingly, you’re able to handle all those other tasks in your life.

Start your time-blocking today. Click here for your own 7-day free trial of PlanPlus Online Essentials, the ultimate digital organizer.