Release 159: We are keeping you on your toes with improvement!

It’s an exciting time over here at PlanPlus Online. We want to bring you another update on what we’ve been doing to keep making your experience with us better. We’ve done a number of new features and enhancements to make PlanPlus Online the best custom CRM on the market. We strive to make our customers happy, do the best to resolve your problems and take care of you. Our product and development teams have worked hard to sort out which bugs and enhancements needed to be addressed to make PlanPlus Online the very best. Below is a list of these items to show you what we’ve been working on.

If you have any other questions regarding the release please email with your questions.


Added ability to link tasks and appointments to leads and projects in mobile environment
Provided ability to delete saved search
Automated tasks created from the quick actions sheets linked to processes now link to the opportunity the reference.
Can now search data in PlanPlus Online with a custom field value that is NOT set, as opposed to just returning ALL records with ANY value, it will return records with no set value set for the according field.
Side panel open/close state is now “sticky” for organization views.
Provided a link in “Possible Duplicates” area of layout for leads to jump to duplicate record.
Can now sync ANY of of your Google calendars – previously PlanPlus Online only supported the “Primary” calendar.


Corrected custom report issue surrounding incorrect data being displayed
Addressed iCal feed functionality working only intermittently
Removed code snippet from being displayed in custom field groups
Fixed problem during the import of appointment where the end time was not being honored from the imported file.
Corrected bug in process engine where appointments, tasks and email were not being recreated after postponing/restarting a step.
Fixed bug in XML export/import where lead views were not being preserved.
Fixed bug in marketing module where some members of the audience list were being skipped in a drip campaign.
Corrected issue where phone number mapping during contact syncing between PlanPlus Online and Google was not mapping correct fields.
Addressed issue where context sensitive page layouts were not showing any data or fields.
Fixed issue where completed tasks were randomly appearing on task list as overdue.