Release 160 Notes: PlanPlus Online is amazing!

Welcome to another great release to improve your PlanPlus Online experience! We have been busy at work providing the best service to continually make our app better! We’d like you to note that our Feature/Enhancements section keeps getting better with each release. Here at PlanPlus Online we are very please with how stable our platform has become to make sure you have the best experience with your customer relationship management tool.

Without further ado, here are this release’s notes for you to see what we’ve done to improve your CRM!

Features / Enhancements

  • NEW! Cleaner easy-to-use default menu style for new trials and accounts!
  • NEW! Our iCal feed feature now supports all-day appointments!
  • NEW! Support for contact entity fields as merge fields in email templates!
  • Oauth support for Facebook and Twitter authentication to post Daily Notes to the respective accounts
  • Mobile calendar interface now triggers Google Calendar Sync for users with this feature enabled!
  • NEW! We now offer a new date field type of MM/YY that will support annual dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, purchase dates, etc. This field type is fully searchable, and an be used to generate views and reports!


  • Corrected issue that was display User’s in calendar view dropdown in random order
  • Resolved issue preventing context sensitive field groups from rendering in the UI
  • Fixed problem with task delegation email not sending correctly
  • Fixed issue with recurring appointments not displaying in the mobile interface
  • Corrected issue with random strings appearing in interface for context sensitive field groups
  • Cleaned up numerous interface elements and inconsistencies
  • Resolved issue with “Import from Collection” button not working in marketing center
  • Adjusted various call reports that were generating incorrect totals in summary
  • Fixed problem with automated email being sent to newly created accounts

If you’ve got any questions or notice any issues please email us at or submit a case on our support page within the app and we will get back to you as soon as possible!