Release Notes: PlanPlus Online Aurora Q4-2016

Release Notes PlanPlus Online Aurora 2.4.0

Release Date: Dec 21, 2016

  • APIs: updated endpoints for Organization (List, Create, Update, Delete)
  • Added: Auto create quote on New opportunity
  • Added: Option to change address on Quote/Order
  • Fixed: Export Opportunity Report – by Period Type
  • Add: Monitoring to CLX API calls
  • Added: Organization Quote tab
  • Grant Access to A/R from SMB edition
  • Fixed: Contact-edit form where custom field type=Number is set to required

(sp 180)

Release Notes PlanPlus Online Aurora 2.3.0

Release Date: Nov 23, 2016

  • Fixed: export failing in Chrome browser
  • API update: Calendar/Task API now support batching
  • New Task List Icons
  • Home Page Mini Calendar Show/ Hide

(release 179)

Release Notes PlanPlus Online Aurora 2.2.0

Release Date: Nov 16, 2016

  • Save as New Template from Email Compose Window
  • Daily Notes ignores Carriage Returns/New Line on Home Page
  • Fixed: Contact import not updating Team Lead
  • Fixed:  Rejected Appointments Still Show on Calendar, in some instances
  • Add Organization in the Project Summary Table Columns
  • Resource Group Availability
  • Fixed: System not sending appointment change emails on appointment drag to edit, in some instances

(sp 178)

Release Notes PlanPlus Mobile v 1.2.0

Release Date: Nov 11, 2016

  • Auto Sync: Records created on the mobile device will now automatically sync. No need to click the Sync button.  The sync will run approximately every 10 minutes while the app is in use or while making changes on the mobile device. If you want to force a sync, that option is still available.
  • Deleted Records now sync properly
  • Improved Syncing of Exceptions to recurring appointments

(release PPMI 994)

Release Notes PlanPlus Online Aurora 2.15.6  

Release Date: Nov 8, 2016

  • Added: new background colors on View configuration screen for better visibility of view sections.
  • Improved: Order Entry screens
  • Added: Add tags to new daily notes on creation
  • Fixed: Access control issue affecting entity contact fields
  • Fixed: issue affecting Contact-Edit forms
  • Added: add tags on Daily notes while creating note.
  • API: updates to Daily Notes API
  • API: formatting of Mission/Values API now matches Contacts/Calendar

(sp 177)

Release Notes PlanPlus Online Aurora 2.2.1  

Release Date: November 1, 2016

  • Fixed: Team member “does not equal” search
  • Added: Display Goal reference on Tasks/Appts created from a goal
  • Added: Call type to Lead Call pop up
  • Added: Russia to Country dropdown on registration page
  • Added: Custom fields available on Project snapshot
  • Added: Display timezone in cloud connector setup
  • Fixed: Duplicate lead displayed when sorted by Team Member column
  • Fixed: API to allow for Deleted records to sync with mobile apps
  • Improved: Recurring Appointment logic
  • Fixed: Issue affecting some missing appointments on monthly view
  • Improved: Contact API to improve speed of sync with mobile apps
  • Fixed: Issue affecting wrong due dates on recurring tasks

(sp 176)

Release Notes PlanPlus Online Aurora 2.13.1  

Release Date: Oct 12, 2016

  • Added: Read Only fields have different display to differentiate with standard input fields
  • Fixed: team search NOT equals
  • Help tips in field groups
  • Preliminary work on new Dashboards feature
  • Fixed Email for @icloud accounts
  • Fixed – Date picker on External Calendar Appt request
  • Fixed – Audience creation not saving team lead on initial creation
  • Fixed – Team member not populating on Leads views
  • Added API for Contact/Organization relationship
  • Fixed issue with Calendar Start Date
  • Added – Update case status when touched by customer
  • Added – API for Contact/Organization relationship create logic
  • Fixed Chrome exports – temporarily broken with Chrome update
    (sp. 175)