Release Notes: PlanPlus Online Vector – March & April-2017

Release Notes PlanPlus Online Vector 2.1.4  

Release Date: April 27,2017

  • Improved drag & drop to mini calendar- added drag target indicator
  • Mini calendar- added indicator for current day
  • Fixed: current date indicator timezone issue
  • Fixed: required fields not working in some field groups
  • New u/i in Contact Process tab
  • Fixed: display field groups in Contact process tab
  • Improved some validations for data inputs
  • Numerous Interface improvements
  • Fixed: Project notes display overlap issue
  • Import entity fields
  • Fixed: Call results report results data
  • Added option for Godaddy emails in Email Center
  • Added cell background colors on view/ report create pages
  • Added direct access to edit any view from summary page
  • Improved search option for y/n checkbox fields to search for is not checked
  • Lead Report builder: fixed missing saved snapshot option
  • Background workflow engine: added option for Leads
  • Improved importing of larger files

(release 184)

Release Notes PlanPlus Online Vector v2.0.7    

Release Date: March 6, 2017

  • Added:  SmartMatch – Allows Opportunity & contact records to find matching records based on custom field criteria
  • Fixed: Automated emails not sending in Contact Processes in some accounts.
  • Numerous Interface changes/improvements
  • Fixed: Contact entity relationships displaying after contact record is deleted
  • Fixed: Import history not showing Type for some records
  • Template images display in a-z
  • Improved error validation and notices on Import exceptions
  • Organization Forms: added Lead Source & Lead Source detail fields
  • Task Tab, Summary view, sort by Priority is default
  • Fixed: Contact Email Template Merge Field Lead Source and Lead Source Detail
  • Added validation on Outbound Form Post
  • Added merge codes for Contact & Organization Email Templates

(release 183)