Release Notes PlanPlus Online Aurora 2.4 (170)

Release Notes PlanPlus Online Aurora 2.4 (170)

  Release Date: May 11, 2016

We are happy to announce the release of another new update for PlanPlus Online, Aurora 2.4. This update is now available on all production servers and includes the following:


Better looking and easier to use:

  • New interface for Home Page
  • New interface for Task Detail
  • New interface for Appointment detail screens. Includes improved visibility for linked references.
  • Fixed issue with Compass Roles moving when entering data



Faster page load times:

  • Home Page speed improvements. We tuned up some queries affecting some slow load times.
  • Choose your start page. Now allows users to select their own start page other than the current home page. (Select this in Role configuration area)


New Additions:

  • New Feature: Post to 3rd Party Form: allows for pushing Opportunity, Contact, Organization data to any 3rd party form.*
  • New Improved help resources.


Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixed issue with Task Delegation in Chrome browser.
  • Added missing report definitions
  • Added column totals to certain dashboard


Recent Mobile News

  • New PlanPlus mobile iOS release  v1.0.8 available in iTunes
  • Fixed issue with appointment invites resending when syncing with MS Exchange.


These updates relate to Essentials, Professional, Business editions of PlanPlus Online. Some features may only be available in Business Edition.  
(Internal Release: 168)