Rollin’ in the Builds: New Features for PlanPlus

Again, already? That was fast…. The PlanPlus Online engineering team is really cranking it out this year. Another build is now available in your account. It includes great new project management features, a Google contact import feature, increased search functionality, and improved marketing campaign analytics and reports. Take a look at the list for details and feature videos.

  • Google contacts import – Now you can import first and last names, email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses to PlanPlus from Google
  • marketing campaign report enhancement – You can now easily update a value for contacts who opened or received your email campaigns, or trigger a new campaign based only on those who opened the email.
  • multi-search feature – You can now search for multiple values in custom fields, such as searching for contacts in multiple states in the “states” field.·
    • Go to “Advanced Search” > select the appropriate field > enter multiple values separated by commas (i.e. NY,GA,NC for states) > hit “search.”·
  • New Project features – The Project module now includes Gannt charts, color-coded task lines (i.e. red for overdue tasks), the ability to hide completed tasks, and the ability to link projects to cases/issues in the Support Module.·
  • Quick Action sheets enhancement – You can now trigger multiple tasks, appointments, or field updates from a single action.·
  • Quick Prioritize window enhancement – You can now add a task right within the window for easy prioritization.·
    • Select “Daily Planning” from the “Planning” drop down > hit “Create New” at the bottom left of the window.
  • lead integration – If you receive leads from, we can now put those leads directly into the leads tab. You can set up a round robin distribution group and send out an email notification when you receive leads. This integration places the first and last name, phone number, email, zip code, and corresponding city and state to the lead record. The body of the email then goes to the lead detail field.·

We love to hear suggestions from our customers. If there is a feature you want that you don’t see on this list or isn’t currently available in your account, let us know and suggest or vote for a feature or enhancement on our “Vote & Suggest” page here. You may also leave any suggestions in the comments below. Our customer always come up with the best ideas!·