Chosen Best Salesforce Alternative for Customizable CRM Software

Every once in a while someone says something that flatters you. This happened to us recently when Software Advice, a Gartner Subsidiary, reviewed the top CRM platforms in the world and named PlanPlus Online as a Best Salesforce Alternative for your Business.  

Software Advice is a well known Software Review website and a trusted resource for software buyers. They provide detailed reviews and research on thousands of software applications and have worked with over 340,000 buyers as of October 2015.

So what put us on Software Advice’s radar? There’s some big players in the CRM business, like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle Marketing Cloud, to name a few.

PlanPlus Online has an average rating of 4.5 out of five stars, and is recommended by 64 percent of users. Like Salesforce, PlanPlus Online offers a combination of collaboration and SFA functionality, including sales forecasting, lead management, and pipeline tracking.

Here’s how Software Advice puts it:

Differing from Salesforce,  PlanPlus Online is specifically designed for real estate, insurance, and finance professionals. It’s billed annually on a per-user, per-month subscription basis and offers a free trial.

” … because everything in PlanPlus Online is customizable and hide able, all the features that aren’t needed …. can be turned off and ignored–greatly reducing the complexity of the software and increasing their return on the investment.”

We would also add:

  • Better Task Management: PlanPlus Online uses the timeless A,B,C,1,2,3 Prioritization for tasks and uses a Daily tasks for tasks due on a specific day, and a Master Task list for tasks without a Due Date.
  • Easier configuration for page layouts.  Specifically in the business edition. PlanPlus Online allows users without any programing knowledge to make completely custom layouts for fields.
  • Sales Process Builder: The PlanPlus Online Process Builder allows customers to use existing workflows or create custom workflows with predefined field updates, and activity creation.  The accountability that these processes create are really great.
  • One Vendor Relationship:  With Salesforce, you get the licenses from them but you are usually using a channel partner to help with your implementations, or working with numerous different parties in the app exchange. With PlanPlus Online most services are provided by the vendor, making it easier and less expensive for most companies.
  • More billing options.  With PlanPlus Online you have monthly, quarterly, or annual payment options. With Salesforce, you are generally locked in to Annual payments up front.
  • Culture of Productivity: PlanPlus Online is a software package that supports the “Culture” that you want to create in your company with features like Mission Statement Builders and  Shared Values.

PlanPlus Online Business Edition  is definitely a worthy competitor to and we are pleased to see this recommendation from Software Advice.