The Customer Side of Customer Relationship Management

Are your customers sharing feedback? As a customer, are you letting businesses know what you think? CRM is reinventing the suggestion box and so are we. Why your feedback is important and how to share it…

How involved are your customers in the “relationship” part of your “Customer Relationship Management?” Are your customers involved and engaging with the product and your company? Are they providing feedback on all aspects of your business from sales to marketing?

You can’t have a CRM without the customer, and feedback is a crucial component of that relationship. It can help the customer get the service he or she needs, while helping your business improve. A few months ago, we mentioned the importance of listening to customers, but before you can listen you actually have to acquire the feedback. Providing customers with an outlet to share their opinion and concerns is an important part of having a healthy client – company relationship. Just having the opportunity to share their thoughts helps customers feel valued. Whether it’s a special email address dedicated to capturing feedback, a box on the wall of a brick-and-mortar store, or a more sophisticated program a third-party developed, make your forum visible and easy. Actually acquiring the feedback can prove challenging, but making it clear customers have a way to give it is the first step.

At PlanPlus Online, we love feedback, especially about how we can improve our product. We’ve dedicated an entire feedback suggestions to your product suggestions and requests. Using the popular online system UserVoice, customers are helping us make our product better. Customers can view suggestions others have made and vote on those they would like to see, or they can make their own suggestions.

We want to hear what our customers need most. So find your way to our feedback forum by hitting the orange “Vote & Suggest” button in the Help & Training section of your application, or click here to go to the page.