CRM Training—the new competitive advantage

Whether in sports or in business, success is achieved during the training period. In Christopher J. Bucholtz’s recent article, 5 Ways to Guarantee Sales Will Hate Your CRM, he writes:

“In reality, even the best-designed and most intuitive CRM applications contain a lot of power that can be accessed only with specialized knowledge of the system. In all cases, sales people confronted with a CRM application they’ve never used recoil at the idea of spending an hour or two noodling around with unfamiliar software when they could be busy selling.

“This is why training is so important: It not only helps sales people become more adept at using CRM, but also allows them to feed valuable data to the rest of the business from the first moments they use it.

“Training allows sales people to experience the new solution before using it with real data. It boosts their confidence in their ability to use CRM, and it allows them to capture customer data from the first moments they use the live application. It gives them fewer chances to decide the CRM application is too tough to use and helps eliminate opportunities for them to ignore it.”

This is also why PlanPlus Online offers a wide variety of CRM training!

Free Webinar Training

Webinar trainingWondering where to start? Participating in our weekly CRM training webinars is a great place to start.

New User Setup (for all editions)

If you’d like to learn how to setup your account—including settings, importing, syncing, email, planning, and more—this is a great place to start. We help with all the basic settings so you can start using your PlanPlus Online account immediately—including answering any questions you may have. Click here to attend.

Sell More Using Opportunities and Processes in PlanPlus Online

Anyone who’s interested in increasing sales with the powerful features in PlanPlus Online should attend this webinar. We show you how to follow-up on leads, turn leads into opportunities, and track those opportunities to nothing slips through the cracks. Click here to attend.

Video Training

Hundreds of CRM training videos are available and organized according to User Role, Training by Feature, Administrator Setup, and Personal Planning. Click here to see which videos can help you.


It’s no secret that top performers—from professional sports to Madison Avenue—all have coaches. In fact, personal and professional success starts with Productivity Coaching. Simply stated, coaching may determine the future of your career. PlanPlus Online offers Productivity Coaching, Administrator Coaching, Initial Setup and Coaching. Click here for more information on coaching.

Walk Me Through

Finally, located at the bottom of your screen is the new “Walk Me Through” guide. Go ahead, click on it and up slides a window that asks this important question: “How can we help you?” You can scroll through the index or type in your question. Walk Me Through offers help and prompts on common PlanPlus Online questions. More about Walk Me Through.