What is Planning and how should I do it?

What is Planning?

The Planning Process includes the space between where you are, where you have been, and where you want to be. It is activity management. So what is planning? Planning is not unchanging. It is also not a meaningless collection of static plans. Planning is an ACTIVE process of evaluation and adjustment.

The process of evaluating where you are going to spend your time and what you are going to focus on is planning. Truly effective planning revolves around knowing what your highest priorities and goals are and selecting actions that will get you closer to those goals. Therefore, planning is the most important step in living a life which prioritizes effectiveness, over simply focusing on  activity.

How should I plan?

In its simplest form, “Planning” results in the form of a prioritized task list. As your plan becomes action, you will have appointments scheduled that provide you the space and time for those activities to get done. The best planners are those that effectively gain perspective on their life. You can understand your important roles, meaningful goals, and create and execute plans to reach those goals. Thus in an ACTIVE planning world your plans evolve, your activities change, as your circumstances change. ¬†Planning is not passive, nor the antitheses of doing. In fact, planning is the first step in doing most things that are worthwhile and important. Go ahead, start your day with a plan.


PlanPlus Online is Planning software that will help you Get Organized by helping you identify your most important Values and to organize your activities based on your role or life area. If you are running your life with a simple calendar or task list, you are likely missing out on greater levels of effectiveness that a real planning tool can bring in to your life.