What Is a Webinar?

A webinar is an interactive online webcast, or web seminar, that acts as a virtual conference room. Webinar events are interactive meetings, demonstrations, presentations, or workshops in which the host can share documents, images, and videos with their audience. Webinars are excellent communication tools that allow hosts to connect, share, and interact with multiple people in different locations all at the same time.

Most webinars require you to sign up ahead of time to reserve a spot. On the day of the webinar, you simply sign on to the URL (web page address) you’ve been given to join the webinar stream. Webinars are usually audio visual, which allows the audience to simultaneously hear the host and see the presentation. Usually, webinars require you to call in to a conference call line to listen. Occasionally, they’ll use the VoIP (voice over internet protocol) option, allowing you to stream the audio over your computer’s internet connection. Webinars often include audience polling and Q&A sessions that allow the audience to participate and ask the presenter questions, either directly over the phone or through a live chat feature.

Webinars are extremely versatile. They can range from a business presentation full of charts and graphs to an instructional guided website tour to an informational class with PowerPoints and videos. Webinars are also extremely convenient because participants can attend without leaving their homes, offices, or anywhere they have internet access. This aspect saves companies and individuals time and money formerly spent on traveling. Their versatility and convenience make them an ideal way to connect and communicate!