What’s New at PlanPlus Online? Release Notes Q1-2015

Over the past 6 months we have been working relentlessly on optimizing our development techniques and improving our processes to allow for more responsive deployments for bug fixes and new features. This is really starting to pay off and we are excited about the future.


The fruits of our teams diligence in this area has led to 6 key releases in just 4 months, addressing functionality issues across the application, as well implementation and enhancement of new features and integrations. See details of each release below:


PlanPlus Online version 1.150

(Released Date: 3/9/2015)

  • -Google Calendar Sync Enhancements
  • -Updated help tips to match new functionality released in 1.149
  • -Once again syncing appointments created by other users.
  • -Addressed duplication issues on appointments.
  • -Appointment deletions in PlanPlus Online now sync to Google.
  • -Organization view now sorts by Last Call Date
  • -Fixed issue causing some imports to fail.
  • -Upgraded database hardware for www.planplusonline05.com server cluster.
  • -Added options for duplicate checking on Import for Phone.
  • -Fixed issue with overdue tasks on mobile not forwarding.


PlanPlus Online version 1.149

(Released Date: 3/2/2015)

  • – Continued work on Google Calendar Integration.
  • – Solidified PlanPlus to Google and Google to PlanPlus synching routines
  • – Enabled mobile sync between PlanPlus Online and Google
  • – Enabled recurring appointment synching
  • – Added “Location” field to data included in synch routine
  • – Enabled industry specific Insurance Edition XML.
  • – Implemented new file management protocol
  • – Utilization of Amazon S3 storage service to provide reliable connectivity to user files and
  • – Addressed intermittent issue where company logo appears / disappears
  • – Addressed file deletion issue in File center opportunities.
  • – Addressed file “widget” issue: not displaying correctly.
  • – Addressed file download issue: file is null or corrupt.
  • – Added ability to use Custom Layouts for Advanced Searches within contextual field groups.
  • – Updated area code and zip code database for displaying  time zone next to phone numbers and addresses.
  • – Increased PlanPlus Online security
  • – Added option for 10 minute session timeout
  • – Password requirement changed to require: 8 characters, alpha-numeric with one capital letter.
  • – General bug fixes and enhancements
  • – Addressed Multi string value field display bug on webforms
  • – General mobile UI enhancements
  • – Enable overdue tasks on Today screen
  • – Addressed issue for iPad Goals app related syncing issues
  • – Addressed registration issue preventing certain users from signing up for free trial.


PlanPlus Online version 1.148

(Release Date: 2/11/15)

  • – Corrected “Quick Create” opportunity bug preventing certain users from creating
  • – Continued work on iCal feature, improved stability and speed.
  • – Continued work on Google Calendar integration; improved stability and predictability.
  • – General mobile UI improvements and bug fixes
  • – Addressed Recurring task issue in mobile environment
  • – Addressed Edit task issue in mobile environment
  • – Added ability to invite user(s) to appointment
  • – Increased depth of usage analytics
  • – Back-end / database software and setup enhancements
  • – Server software updates and enhancements
  • – Re-tool SSL implementation. All sessions now force SSL.
  • – General bug fixes and enhancements

PlanPlus Online version 1.147

(Release Date: 1/5/2015)

  • – Google Calendar Sync
  • -Adapted to change in Google sync API causing calendar sync to stop working.
  • – Updated authentication methods between PlanPlus Online and Google
  • – Updated API interaction to newest version for Google platform
  • – iCal Calendar Feed: addressed issue preventing certain users from utilizing PlanPlus Online’s iCal feature
  • – General mobile UI improvements and bug fixes


PlanPlus Online version 1.146

(Released to production servers  12/20/2014)

  • – Bug fixes primarily related to recently released new Mobile UI.
  • – Addressed create new Task from main menu
  • – Addressed Task deletion issue
  • – Addressed issue where updating a task on main Task List freezes entire screen
  • – Addressed certain Process Step related issues preventing certain users ability for full access to process step.
  • – Begin work on architecture for new implementation of File management processes.
  • – Addressed issue on disappearing tasks for certain users in certain environments on home screen.
  • – Addressed search criteria issues within the Import feature
  • – Email Campaign: addressed issue where begin date was always setting to the current date.


PlanPlus Online version 1.145

(Released to production servers  12/8/2014)

  • – Bug fixes primarily related to recently released new Mobile UI.
  • — Default dropdown values for tasks
  • — Calendar add appointment bug
  • — Improved code deployment process