What’s a sales territory?

Sales territory management is more important than many may realize. It can boost your sales team’s morale, increase sales, provide a larger customer base and inspire team unity.

Managing a sales territory without the right tools is a hassle and a challenge. Without a CRM you’ll just have a list of names, addresses, and phone numbers. But you’re on your own when it comes to figuring out the actual locations of all your customers and leads. This process is aggravating, stressful, and time-consuming.

Traditionally—and as its name tells you—sales territory was defined by geography. Salespeople would focus on prospects within a specific area only. Today’s level of connectivity has changed that. You can now optimize your sales territory plan and target your leads by industry, business size, deal potential, and role too. Which, as you might guess, is much more effective than using geography alone. 

What’s sales territory management?

Territory Management is the system by which customer accounts are grouped based on a defined set of criteria. This makes for easy sharing of customer accounts among different sales teams in your company. It ensures proper and effective usage of the sales force to maximize sales opportunities, provide excellent customer service, and expand the existing customer relationships. 

When your business is spread across regions and you have multiple office divisions, departments, and numerous products/services, it’s not an easy task to assign customer accounts to sales teams without proper planning. In some cases, it is equally complex to provide access only to selective accounts—for individuals from different teams to work together for a common sales objective.

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