Why Should You Plan?

Why do you build a plan in the first place? Plans serve several functions:

  • Solving a Problem- A plan is a solution to a problem or barrier that is getting in our way. If you have a lot of experience, you may not need to plan at all. Plans are an effort to substitute deliberate problem solving for expertise, an attempt to build a script for situations where we don’t have one.
  • Coordinating a Team- The plan lets everyone know what they are supposed to do and where they fit into the tasks others are carrying out.
  • Shaping our Thinking- The process of planning is a way for the planning team to get smarter. This is one reason why people enjoy planning so much, and why they persist in planning and adding more details even when it is time to take action.
  • Generating Expectancies- A plan helps you know what to expect. It lets you anticipate how many resources we will need so we can spot shortfalls in time to do something about them.
  • Supporting Improvisation- Plans can even be viewed as platforms for adaptation.

The last function is extremely important to remember. A plan is not set in stone; it is simply a guideline you create for yourself to prepare for your future!

Excerpts from the book from the book “The Power of Intuition