Only write down five things at a time on your to-do list

“What?!? No way! I have too many things to do!” How many of you have approached your task list (to-do list) and wondered where you should even start?

For productivity: Have two lists! Here’s how that’s done with PlanPlus Online:

only five things at a time on your daily task listOne list is your “Master List.” These are ALL the tasks you have to do. Work, home, school, family—it doesn’t matter. Simply put them all down, in any order, as soon as you think of them. This is your bucket list.

The second list is your “Daily List.” From your Master List, pick the five tasks you want to complete today. Try to focus only on five things at a time. This forces you to decide what’s really important. You’ll feel less overwhelmed, and when you complete your five tasks, you’ll feel great!

Watch this video for more information about Master Tasks and Daily Tasks.