How to Integrate PlanPlus with WordPress to Drive Business

Are you using WordPress for your website? If not, you probably should be. WordPress is the most widely used platform for managing a website, and ranking well with SEO (coming up on Google search results above your competitors) is largely automated for you. If you’re new to WordPress, it is very customizable and integration-friendly.

Did you know that WordPress can be integrated with your PlanPlus Online Business Edition account? Check out the table below where we include a few actual WordPress integrations and the clients who are using them.

Are you a WordPress Developer who has built an integration with PlanPlusOnline? Tell us about it! We would like to feature your work.Are you in need of a WordPress Developer to build an integration for you?  We have a team of WordPress experts who can custom build your dream integration. Contact us at


WordPress Integration Example
Capture a web lead directly to PlanPlus from a web form on your website You can easily put web forms into WordPress from PlanPlus Online to capture leads directly to your database. The leads can be sent to your email and put directly into your PlanPlus Online account. This saves you keystrokes and cutting-and-pasting for every lead. It also results in newer leads lost in the shuffle, meaning more time to focus on sales.
Customize your lead capture form Take your boring “contact us” form and turn it into an exciting, high-conversion webform. This webform integrates with your PlanPlus Online account and can boosts conversion to more than 45%. See it at
Integrate your shopping cart with your sales opportunities Do you have a shopping cart on your website for selling products? Here is an example using WooCommerce Plugin for WordPress. New orders can automatically populate in PlanPlus as closed/won opportunities. See it at
Integrate your contracts with DocuSign Integrate your shopping cart and DocuSign with PlanPlus. Document signing during purchase, contracts, paper trails, invoices, quotes. This is a great integration for sales orders where digital signatures are required.
Customize your data analytics Get your data where it needs to be. Optimize your conversion tracking by integrating your analytical data with PlanPlus.
Request an appointment and have it pushed to your PlanPlus calendar Integrate your Calendar with your WordPress site. You can also use the external calendar feature in PlanPlus Online and make it available publicly on your website.
Custom plugin integrations Do you need a calendar plugin, a content marketing, or another custom plugin, designed just for your business? PlanPlus can handle all these and more.
Create an iPad ordering application (OnePayNow) Experience a complete POS ordering solution integrated with PlanPlus and that uses Paypal Here for card processing on the go. Also uses DocuSign.
Automatically generated documents Do you have industry-specific forms that need to be filled out with customer data that is in your PlanPlus Online account? Examples are AACORD forms for insurance agents and FDA forms for health products companies.