PlanPlus Online Continues to Improve

PlanPlus Online is pleased to announce a new software release, which adds additional features and repairs the following issues:


  • New Custom Field Type (Picture/Portrait)
  • Added color support for all day appointments
  • Custom development project (report)
  • Add sequence option to field groups
  • No longer allowing apostrophe in account names
  • Quick Search
  • Return opportunity ID in Opportunity API
  • Improved logging, new log summary dashboard
  • Removed portrait Icon from Contact detail page. (now avail as custom field)


  • Fixed memory leak issues (performance related)
  • Fixed master tasks report page
  • Process Step Activity Report fixed
  • Fixed issue with task list sorting by type
  • Fixed issue with exporting project tasks
  • Fixed webform page load issue on form submit.
  • Fixed issue with Appointment import
  • Fixed various issues related to New Mobile app APIs