25 02, 2019

Habits are the bridge between goals and accomplishments


You’re always being told that the best way to achieve what you what in life—lose weight and get into shape, learn a new skill, spending more time with family—is to set specific, actionable goals. It’s true: goals are essential, but there’s another force you need to become aware of: the power of habits. It’s important [...]

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10 01, 2019

Our 12 most useful productivity tips


1. Use Tools These are the essential tools you need this year to take you from good to great! Introducing a seismic shift in personal planning and organizing Productivity Chrome plugin for your browser ​ 2. Time Blocking Instead of working by the clock, focus on finishing big and small tasks one at a time. This [...]

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18 10, 2017

What’s a habit and why should I care?


Behaviors are the foundation of processes--and at the foundation of behaviors are habits. Habits consist of three elements. In fact, these three elements govern any habit. Let’s start at the beginning...What is a habit?  It’s a shortcut for the brain, habits makes things more efficient.How do habits work?  Charles Duhig breaks down habits in his [...]

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15 07, 2014

What Are Your Habits Turning You Into?


The habits you develop can have a huge impact on virtually everything in your life--including what you have, what you become, and the company you keep. Developing good habits can help you make positive changes in your life, and it can make a difference in how you perceive others, tackle challenges, and accomplish goals. When [...]

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