29 07, 2016

It’s the end of the month—how are your sales?


Without a well-defined and automated sales process, you’re essentially flying blind—you really don’t know how you’re doing until the month ends and you tally up where you stand. Having a well-defined sales process often spells the difference between failure and success. Do you know where the leaks are in your sales process? Automating your sales [...]

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21 07, 2016

Become a customer mind-reader with this convenient tool…


Have you ever been interested in discovering what your customers really needed, wanted, preferred, or thought about you? What’s stopping you from finding out? How about conducting your own online survey? The Survey Builder tool in PlanPlus Online offers you a fast and convenient tool for gaining customer insights. Survey Builder makes online surveys cheaper [...]

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20 07, 2016

Release Notes PlanPlus Online Aurora 2.5 (release 171)


Release Date: July 18, 2016 Improvements with this release: Customizable help tips Ability to trigger 3rd party form post from Process Builder New territory engine rule based on custom database. Allows for easier and faster setup of complex territory engine rules. Added HTML editor to Missions & Values area Improved Flow View on Process Builder [...]

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20 07, 2016

CRM Training—the new competitive advantage


Whether in sports or in business, success is achieved during the training period. In Christopher J. Bucholtz’s recent article, 5 Ways to Guarantee Sales Will Hate Your CRM, he writes: “In reality, even the best-designed and most intuitive CRM applications contain a lot of power that can be accessed only with specialized knowledge of the [...]

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18 07, 2016

60 seconds with Dean Minuto…


Why did you choose to become a productivity expert? What could be more important in life than learning how to live? Here’s a little background: I started going blind when I was 17. This year, I qualified for a new surgery and a new implant that gave me my vision back. I’ve been blessed—and I [...]

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13 07, 2016

Use this productivity secret weapon


Every year, the city where I live hosts a triathlon. Top athletes (triathletes) from all over the world attend. In order to make the course route safe, the city barricades dozens of streets. You can imagine, it would be a disaster to allow regular traffic to drive on the same route while the participants were [...]

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8 07, 2016

The best Contact Management solution available is…


Let’s be honest, as your personal and professional networks expand, your capacity to manage them diminishes, are we right? What’s more, without effective contact management, many opportunities can easily slip through the cracks. At the heart of PlanPlus Online’s comprehensive CRM platform is a robust, contact-centric database that provides a fully-integrated approach to tracking all [...]

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7 07, 2016

We’ve got the solution for your productivity needs


In addition to the most effective online personal planner and CRM solutions, PlanPlus Online also offers a wide range of productivity solutions! Join us! Register today for one of our free weekly webinars. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there’s a webinar for you! More info. New! Your PlanPlus Online edition now includes a [...]

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