PlanPlus Online Vector 2.11 Release Notes

PlanPlus Online is proud to announce the following new features, improvements, and fixes:

New features and improvements
  • Added feature where changes to a note in the note popup window will auto-save
  • Added feature where multiple BCC to note email accounts can be configured in the Email Center
  • Added ability in BCC to Note feature where the system will automatically link the contact that is created from the email thread to an Organization based on the domain of the email address, if a match is found.
  • Added Office 365 email support in Email Center
  • Added ability for system to ignore certain records in API functionality
  • Added feature where Google Places API is used in the Appointment Detail window to provide specific addresses for appointment locations
  • Added support for French characters
Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug where date-separated custom field type was not working in the Appointment / Task Detail pages
  • Fixed issue where certain custom views in the Calendar section were not displaying
  • Fixed calendar UI issue where appointment duration would not drag correctly
  • Fixed issue where dragging unscheduled tasks to the daily task list was not working
  • Fixed labeling issue on Calendar Report Builder page
  • Fixed issue where HTML was not rendering correctly in Contact detail screen for notes
  • Fixed issue on external forms where page UI assets were not properly fetched from server
  • Fixed issue where Contacts, Organizations and Opportunities forms were missing Lead Source field
  • Fixed issue with lead source display order where system was ignoring explicitly set ordering
  • Fixed issue where an Opportunity created from the Action dropdown on either Contacts or Organization was not being correctly linked to respective contact / organization.
  • Fixed issue where a field group in a process step would incorrectly prevent the process from advanced
  • Fixed issue where incorrect task priority was displaying for unscheduled tasks on task summary page
  • Fixed issue where a String Table custom field would not save when included in Organization and Lead create layouts
  • Fixed drag and drop alignment issue on Calendar page when trying to move location of event on calendar in certain browsers
  • Fixed Calendar page CSS issue where calendar headers where the Calendar content would overlap the Calendar headers in certain browsers
  • Fixed Calendar page CSS issue where Calendar alignment (left to right) was skewed in certain browsers
  • Fixed HTML rendering problem in Calendar Reports
  • Fixed issue where certain reports were excluding records created by or last updated by inactive users
  • Fixed issue in Audience List management where existing Contact View’s were not displaying